Vision Over 60

How Your Vision Changes as You Age

Age Related Eye Changes

Age Related Eye ChangesJust as our physical strength decreases with age, our eyes also exhibit an age-related decline in performance – particularly as we reach our 60’s and beyond.

Some age-related eye changes, such as presbyopia, are perfectly normal and don’t signify any sort of disease process. While cataracts can be considered an age-related disease, they are extremely common among seniors and can be readily corrected with cataract surgery.

Some of us, however, will experience more serious age-related eye diseases that have greater potential for affecting our quality of life […]

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Tips for Coping With Vision Loss

Vision Loss

Vision LossMany normal, age-related problems affecting vision can be addressed with practical solutions, such as extra lighting for reading recipes or tinkering with garage projects.

In fact, after about age 60, you may find you need additional illumination for most tasks performed indoors or in darker conditions outdoors. This is because your eye’s pupil no longer opens as widely as it once did to allow light to enter. Because less light is reaching your retina where vision processing occurs, images are no longer as sharp as they once were.

To help offset […]

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Eight Ways to Protect Your Eyesight

 Vision Loss Increases with Age

Elderly Eye ExamsSight-threatening eye problems affect one in six adults aged 45 and older. And the risk for vision loss increases with age. In fact, a recent American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) report estimates that more than 43 million Americans will develop age-related eye diseases by the year 2020.

Tips for protecting your eyes

To protect your eyesight and keep your eyes healthy as you age, consider these simple guidelines:

  1. Be aware of your risk for eye diseases. Find out about your family’s health history. Do you or any of […]
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